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Sea Freight

What is the sea freight? Sea freight is a method of transporting large quantities of products via cargo ships. Goods are packed into containers and these containers are loaded onto a vessel, where they will be sailed to their destination country.


Air Freight

For anyone sending cargo internationally, it is well known that air freight shipping offers shippers fast, flexible transportation services. International air freight is particularly useful for time-sensitive, or urgent cargo that would lose its value if not delivered very quickly.


Warehouse Facility

A warehouse is a facility that, along with storage racks, handling equipment and personnel and management resources, allows us to control the differences between the incoming flow of goods (received from suppliers, production centers, etc.) and the outgoing flow of goods (goods being sent to production, sales, etc.).


Container Packing

The container itself is both, a package as well as a means of transport. Nevertheless the cargo requires a package during transport within the container. The kind and amount of package depends on the cargo, the way of transport and the used type of container. If cargo stowed together with different sizes and weights within a container, more stable packaging is required. If cartons or cases are stacked several layers on top of each other, the lowest layer must be capable of supporting the upper ones. It is our responsibility to ensure that your package is delivered to you safely.


Container Transport

We’re proud to offer all our shipping container clients the perfect transport solutions for bulk cargo and general cargo when it comes to cost and reliability. You want to transport a container, where efficiency and speed have the highest priority? Then Suram LLC. would like to introduce itself to you.



Logistics is the detailed organisation and implementation of a complex operation that can be applied to information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packing, disposal and security. It is what allows the efficient flow and storage of goods to get from the point of origin to the end target.

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